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Unique and Amazing Marriage Proposals

Every now and again, I will be involved in the wedding process before the proposal takes place. And of course, the Bride doesn’t usually know about it.

I was recently asked to help with a very special proposal, and it just got me thinking about proposals in general. I’m definitely a believer in tradition and that this is totally the guy’s responsibility, but there can tend to be a lot of pressure to make it totally perfect. I mean, every girl dreams of this moment, right?!

So guys… If you’re thinking about proposing in the near future or far future, here are some ideas to get your creative mind going:

Everyone usually hears about beach proposals. It’s a great idea if you and your significant other are beach people, surfers, love the sun, or have shared some amazing long walks on the beach at sunset.

Maybe a certain location or a place the two of you love to go together is the place to pop the big question. Disneyland, sky diving, or maybe at a baseball game on the pitcher’s mound?

However, some girls prefer private settings, like a secluded location or at home. Who can forget Kris Humphries proposal to Kim Kardashian?

You might want to select a secluded location for privacy and intimacy. In this particular proposal, the soon-to-be-groom wanted to wash his fiancĂ©’s feet as a symbol of submission and love.

A fun idea is scheduling a photo shoot, and then popping the question during (you’ll get amazing photos that way!)

Maybe you and your fiancĂ© (hopefully soon!) are total foodies… What better way to ask one of the most important questions with something she loves?

The holidays are always a big time of the year that men decide to propose.

But maybe you want to go BIG. Travel somewhere and make a trip out of the special occasion. Maybe you want to fly to New York and sit in a Cinderella carriage.

What girl doesn’t dream of Paris for her proposal??

Some of the best proposals are when guys bring in the personal element. Whether you first date was at the county fair and you want to bring some of that element in, bottom line is: Share your love, be yourself and relax. The best moments in life aren’t planned.

And just for the wow factor, you HAVE to watch this short video. Their proposal was an all out production, complete with film and photography stills, made by Robert Evans for “Engage”. It will blow you away:


Happy Proposing! Xo


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