Bitcoin casino is an analogue of the “traditional” online casino, the feature of which is betting only on cryptocurrency, not on fiat money. Decentralized and anonymous, such gambling resources are gaining more and more authority among their users. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency contributes to the growth of interest in Bitcoin casinos. And no wonder, because this is the way users can try to earn cryptocurrency with almost no investment. In this article, we will discuss the main differences and advantages of Bitcoin casinos, tell you how to choose a reliable partner and introduce you to the rating of the best casinos.

Why to play at Bitcoin Casino

The essence of playing at the casino is gambling and the desire to try your hand and earn good money without investing any of your own money. But there are other reasons why people start playing at cryptocurrency casinos:

  • Playing for money – as already mentioned, the casino does give you a chance to make money. But it’s important to remember that this income is not stable and that the profit is more dependent on luck than on the player’s knowledge or skills.
  • Fighting for prizes. Many modern Bitcoin-casinos have their own internal tournaments and games in which registered participants can win and get cash prizes and bonuses.
  • Jackpots are not only an opportunity to win money at once, but also an indicator of the reliability of the casino.
  • Bonus and referral programs, free spins – different casinos are fighting for their audience, so you can get rewards for registering, participating in games or attracting new users.
  • Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Before we start talking about the nuances of Bitcoin Casino in more detail, we want to introduce you to the main advantages of this type of earning. Regular users in their reviews most often highlight such advantages of cryptocurrency gambling:

  • Anonymity – one of the main advantages of Bitcoin. While playing, no one will be able to track your transactions and understand that it is you who is playing.
  • No need to visit a real casino and no transportation costs. All you need when working with Bitcoin casino: your personal computer, a registered account on the website and a stable Internet connection. Accordingly, this way you save your time and energy for other, more important tasks.
  • Reliability of operation – though the earned funds are on the casino website, you can always withdraw them, transfer them to your wallet; or even cash them out.
  • Decentralization Principle – Bitcoin casinos have no connections to banks. This means that in contrast to conventional online casinos, no one can seize or freeze your account.
  • Small size of bets – one Bitcoin is easily divided into small parts: up to one million Satosh. And this means that unlike dollar services, with cryptocurrency the user can play with micro stakes. Thus, you can not only earn, but also learn how to play or just relax without the risk of losing large amounts.
  • Fast movement of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is equally fast both during the game (for example, when you directly make bets) and when you withdraw the earned money from your account.
  • High-tech – by playing in Bitcoin casinos, you get acquainted with new technologies and contribute to their further popularization and development.
  • Self-control of users – every Bitcoin-casino client gets an opportunity to control his/her gaming account and track all transactions by himself/herself.

What to play at Bitcoin Casino

Slots – slots are usually the most popular entertainment in both standard and cryptocurrency casinos. Modern resources offer their users a large selection of slot machines with different themes – here everyone will find something to his taste. Blackjack is the second most popular type of gambling on Bitcoin resources. Bitcoin roulette. Suitable for beginners in the world of gambling, who do not want to go into details of the rules of more complex gambling. Live online casino with real dealers – in this type you can play with a real croupier. Usually you can play baccarat, blackjack or regular roulette in a live casino. Everything happens strictly online, which creates a sense of reality of what is happening.
How to choose a reliable Bitcoin casino

Study the reviews of other users. Try to look for reviews on different resources, visit specialized cryptocurrency forums. The more reviews you read, the more complete the picture about the casino you choose. Check for a license. If the company has nothing to hide, it will first of all show its users documents confirming the passing of all inspections and software licensing.

Last modified: 05/03/2021



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