What is a sense to play Bitcoin games?

There is a lot of entertaining content on the Internet, where a player can spend time with pleasure. However, this entertainment can be not only interesting but also useful. One of these can be called Bitcoin games, where in addition to pleasant leisure, one can also get a cryptocurrency reward.

Some of them are the so-called faucets or Bitcoin mining games; the other ones are traditional slots and live games where crypto instead of traditional money is paid as a prize.

What are Bitcoin games?

In order to stimulate user activity, many Bitcoin games pay small amounts in Satoshi (the smallest unit of BTC, like a cent in a dollar) for performing certain actions, obtaining levels and achievements. Games with the withdrawal of Bitcoin are in fact cryptocurrency faucets in the game shell, but recently full-scale games with payouts have also appeared.

Thus, the mutual benefit of two parties is achieved: thanks to popularity, developers receive increased income from Google AdSense advertising, and players enjoy the game and can earn cryptocurrency. Bitcoin earning games are also used to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies and allow players to learn a little more about technology.

However, not all games pay. Many do not stand the competition and cannot cover the costs of payments. The payout amounts themselves are also negligible. It is rather a pleasure, accompanied by a small profit (mostly, it is about Bitcoin games Android). Profit from games can be increased if a gambler develops an affiliate program and participate in several projects at once.

Choosing a game for BTC

When choosing free Bitcoin games, one should pay attention to several details:

  1. Plot. The strategy and plot of Bitcoin games should be interesting. Otherwise, such a pastime cannot be called pleasant.
  2. Reviews. It is recommended to study the impressions of other players, the number of coins earned, what difficulties they had to face and whether the game pays the promised money. Some developers set an exorbitantly high threshold for withdrawal, other certain conditions.
  3. Quality. Only high-quality content can attract the attention of a wide audience of users. The high level of competition will also not allow the project to live a long time.
  4. Payouts. A player must determine the prospects of the game in terms of payments, how much time it will take to achieve the goals set by the developers to receive a reward. Different games carry an individual user reward system, and if in some 10-15 minutes are enough to receive a reward, and then others require a many-hour game. Bitcoin faucets in the form of a game require regular visits to the site.
  5. Language support. Most games are aimed at an English-speaking audience. This is due to the greater cost of advertising, so finding a Bitcoin game in French or in German (for instance, if you speak these languages) is not so simple, but one should pay attention to the possibility of translating and changing languages.
  6. Entry threshold. On the network, one can find many dubious projects where the player needs to make a deposit before starting the game. As a rule, this is gambling or outright fraud. It is recommended to avoid such projects and play only free Bitcoin games.

Top Bitcoin games

Here are the most popular games and platforms on the internet for all, who are going to earn some Satoshi.

BitStarz. Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.005 BTC. BitStarz is a popular platform with more than 600 different Bitcoin games. The genres are different — from classic casino games to vibrant and exciting video games. The most pleasant is the fact that you one play and win cryptocurrency without any investments – by registering he will receive 20 free spins as a gift! Withdrawals are available at any time.

BirdsBit. Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

BirdsBit is a faucet with a simple and interesting illusion of the game. The main character is a small bird. The player’s task is to soar across the playing field with a bird and collect coins. The playing field consists of 10 lines with clouds, behind which are hidden coins or predatory kites. Each line has 10 clouds. The clouds in the first line contain only coins.

On the second line there is already a chance of running into one kite, and the 10th line contains 9 clouds with kites and only one with coins. At the same time, when the bird falls on the kite, the game stops, and the gain increases as it passes, and on the 10th line, it can reach 25,000 Satoshi.

CoinBrawl. Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 BTC.

CoinBrawl is a warlike world where a player needs to choose a class and develop his character in order to fight with other players and take Bitcoin from them. He can fight with any player online and take away part of his loot from him. The success of the game depends on the level of development of the character. It should be pumped and dressed. The outfit can be obtained by completing quests or buy in the store.

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